Simplify your hiring process
Easy to use software, to source, evaluate & manage your applicants all in one location.

Manage all your jobs with ease

No more guessing which job still needs to filled. Talentwiz allows you to track all your job postings with ease. Our dashboard effectively displays all your jobs in a central location.

  • Visual pipeline of where the hiring process stands
  • Customize your recruitment process for each job
  • Filter jobs by status, location, name and type

Accept & Manage Applications Online

Don't let applications fill up your e-mail. Talentwiz allows you to accept all applications online directly through your branded career portal.

  • Build a great career portal to promote job opportunities
  • Customized application form
  • Easily rank and filter applicants
  • Mass actions for candidates

Centralized Candidate Management

Losing track of a candidate and their standing in your hiring process can be costly. Talentwiz allows you track all the information about a candidate in a central location.

  • All contact information & CV
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Track all communication with an applicant
  • Centralized assessments and evaluations

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